Villanova in the Valley Blog Guidelines

If you are having trouble submitting your blog, you can send it to me at Here are some general guidelines for writing your blog post about the trip:

  • Create an informative and captivating title.
  • Begin your post with an attention-grabbing introduction.
  • Make your blog post to the point and USEFUL. Write about what you experienced and most importantly, what you learned. Share your thoughts, insights, and any interesting happenings.
  • Think like your readers. What value can your blog bring to your audience? Ask yourself, “What would I want to learn if I were reading this blog post?”
  • Be mindful of sensitive or confidential information that you learn about the speakers or companies.
  • Writing in a casual, friendly style can work to your advantage. There is no need for business jargon—-just be honest, open, and informational.
  • Use line breaks or consider sub-headings. Don’t make your paragraphs go on forever. Use bold, italics, or colored text to grab attention.
  • Share any cool and/or useful links.
  • Add images, if possible.
  • AS ALWAYS, be respectful of the speakers and companies you are writing about.

Happy blogging!