Tips on Writing Your Blog For


  • Craft an interesting title. Attention spans are short and if the title doesn’t grab attention, it may be hard to get readers hooked.
  • Write 1,000-1,200 characters. Writing for the web is a bit different than writing anywhere else. 1,000-1,200 characters is a good range. Break up your text into small chunks (no big paragraphs) or bulleted lists so people can read through it quickly.
  • Create links in your text to things that you reference. Help readers learn more about a topic and link to relevant, reliable sources in your entry. Always create the link over the text and avoid saying “click here.”
  • Reference Villanovan’s Year and College (CLAS ’10 for example). This will connect your community and show how ICE touches all corners of campus.
  • Share your story. Try to stay away sweeping generalizations and remember to speak from your experience. Do your homework and fact check what you write.
  • Be thoughtful, critical, and offer ideas. Be mindful of naming names in a blog post and careful not to be overly negative.
  • Share your blog on Facebook and Twitter. This will help the blog gain momentum and share your tips and experiences with others
  • Include images & videos, where possible. People like “consumable” content like photos and videos on blogs.

When you have completed your blog , email with your text, any links, and any images.

We’ll get your blog in the queue and posted soon!