Find your inner entrepreneur

ICE programs and initiatives focus on advancing the innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial skills and interests of the entire Villanova community.


Villanova offers several competitions designed to catalyze and support our community in taking action including the Villanova Student Entrepreneurship Competition, VU Virtual Reality Competition, and 24 Hour Imagination Quest.


ICE provides guidance and support for two undergraduate minor programs in entrepreneurship. These intensive programs allow students to learn and understand the basics of generating ideas, finding opportunities, starting and managing an entrepreneurial venture.

ICE Certificate Program for Sophomores (ICE CaPS)

A certificate program specifically designed for sophomore students based on the concepts of Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship. This program is open to all Villanova University undergraduate majors.

ICE Challenge

Ideation competition for students in COE, CON, and VSB.

ICE Workshops and Guest Speakers

ICE provides opportunities for guest speakers and workshops related to ICE to come to Villanova. Check our upcoming events for your next opportunity to hear from a guest speaker or attend a workshop.


Villanova’s online portal for ideas from students, faculty, alumni, and community members.

Mentoring, Expert Hours, and In-Residence Program

ICE maintains an ad hoc mentor network for budding entrepreneurs as well as an In-Residence program where Artists, Designers, Entrepreneurs, and Innovators engage with Villanovans on a regular basis.

Meyer ICE Award

The Meyer Innovation and Creative Excellence (ICE) Awards were created and endowed by Patrick Meyer ’74 VSB in honor of the Meyer family to recognize a spirit of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship that enhances Villanova University.

Phillanova ICE

The ICE Institute supports students from across the Villanova campus who are interested in connecting with the Philadelphia entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Pitch Day

Villanova Pitch Day 2018 will feature presentations from Villanova students participating in the eighth annual Villanova Student Entrepreneurship Competition, Creativity Challenge, the Mobile Applications Course, and the Entrepreneurship Minor programs.

Quick MVP Launch

Learn what makes a good revenue-driven business and build the technology behind that service in a weekend.

Startup Opportunity Fair

Forum for startup ventures to pitch an opportunity (internship, job, short or long term project) to area students.

Villanova Entrepreneur’s Capital Club

The Capital Club is dedicated to supporting the work of Villanova’s entrepreneurs (faculty, students, staff, alumnae and alumni) by investing all forms of capital in their efforts: intellectual, advisory, mentoring, and financial, among others.

Villanova Entrepreneurial Society (VES)

ICE supports this student group, which invites entrepreneurs, often Villanova alumni, to address students. Sample topics include: Women in Entrepreneurship, New Ventures Started by Students, and Funding a New Venture.

Villanova in the Valley

Villanova in the Valley program is designed to expose students from across the Villanova campus to the innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial ecosystem of Silicon Valley.

Villanova on Set

Immersion program for students interested in the film, tv, and entertainment industries in Southern California.

Villanova on the Hill

Villanova on the Hill is designed to expose students from across the Villanova campus to the policy making and political ecosystem of Washington DC.

Villanova Women in Tech

VU Women in Tech is the platform for us to share experiences, highlight opportunities for women in technology, and motivate those who hesitate.