Pop Up Idea Accelerator

The Pop Up Idea Accelerator is an informal, spontaneous gathering of Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Service Providers who can help advance your idea (all ideas welcome).

How to register for one of the available appointments
1. Post the idea you'd like to discuss on IdeaBounce®. IdeaBounce® examples and posting information.
2. Enter your name, email, and IdeaBounce® link next to an open timeslot in the upcoming session list below.

Upcoming Sessions

Suggested session approach

Ideas will be at varying stages and each session will be a bit different.

  • First 5 minutes: Quick idea overview ▪ What problem are you solving? How have you validated this challenge? ▪ Expected Market Size? Progress to date? ▪ What motivates you about this idea? why you? How do these align?
  • 20 minutes of Q & A - from host and idea team: What have you done to test your ideas and value/growth hypotheses around the proposed solution? ▪ What do you see as the biggest challenges (to adoption) ▪ How will you reach the market / achieve distribution? ▪ What leap(s) of faith (those things they don't do today) are you asking the customer to do? ▪ What substitutes are in the market to achieve the same solution? Are they cheaper? ▪ Etc.
  • 5 minutes of wrap up: host(s) share final thoughts on the model and advice on where to focus