ICE Awards

Meyer ICE Award

The Meyer Innovation and Creative Excellence (ICE) Awards were created and endowed in 2009 by Patrick Meyer '74 VSB in honor of the Meyer family (Patrick '74, Edward '86, and C. Paul '30) to recognize a spirit of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship that enhances Villanova University.

The ICE Institute will annually awarded the following Meyer ICE Awards to our community:

  • 6 student awards (one for a graduating student in each school/college) complete with a trophy and $1,000 prize for each student, and
  • 1 faculty award (any school/college) complete with a trophy and a $2,500 prize.

2016 Winners
Faculty: Sue Metzger, VSB
VSB Student: Lincoln Escobar
VLS Student: Sara Resetar
COE Student: Abigail Buckenheimer
CON Student: Meghan Long
CLAS Student: Natalie Galvez
CPS Student: Michael Bambrick

2015 Winners
Faculty: Hezekiah Lewis, CLAS
VSB Student: Sergio Rizzuto-Flancbaum
VLS Student: Stephanie Rozalski
COE Student: Joanna Schaff
CON Student: Teresa Yang
CLAS Student: Alyssa Nazar

2014 Winners
Faculty: Sally Scholz, CLAS
VSB Student: Charlie Dolan
VLS Student: Vanessa Stine
COE Student: Cameron Piper
CON Student: Aurora Vandewark
CLAS Student: Stephen Kane

2013 Winners
Faculty: Edmond Dougherty, COE
VSB Student: Alejandro Avellana
VLS Student: Matt Altenberg
COE Student: Stephen Schraer
CON Student: Alexandria Reo
CLAS Student: Cassandra Postighone

2012 Winners
Faculty: David Fiorenza, VSB
Student: John Marrah, VSB

2011 Winners
Faculty: William Wagner, VSB
Student: Trenton Alenik, VSB

2010 Winners
Faculty: David Nawrocki, VSB
Student: Matthew Clark, VSB

2009 Winners
Faculty: James Klingler, VSB
Student: Joseph Mancari, VSB

Note: the awards were expanded in 2016 to encompass Villanova's newly established College of Professional Studies. Prior to 2013, the Meyer ICE Award was only given to VSB students and faculty

Most Creative Student Event

In Partnership with the Office of Student Life, the ICE Institute is proud to recognize the Villanova Student Organization that hosts the "Most Creative Event" on campus each academic year.

2014 Winner
Warriors of Wall Street - SNAP

2012 Winner
Pumpkin Drop - Engineering Student Council

2013 Winner
Pause for Paws - Student Alumni Association