An Intriguing Internship at ICE

As a senior at the William Penn Charter School in Philadelphia, I am required to complete a four week, 20 hour per week internship in the month of May in order to graduate. There are people in my class working on short films, shadowing lawyers and real estate agents, and even working with the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park. I, however, chose to work in ICE’s Idea Accelerator.

When my class first learned about this new requirement last year, most of us, including me, were extremely excited because it meant that our classes would be over in late April. Then January rolled around, and we had to make our decision on where we were going to work for the month of May, and I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do. Then, through family connections at Villanova, I heard about the ICE Institute. I heard about how interesting the program is and about this great guy named II. I knew that working there would be an amazing experience, and I was right.

April 30th was my first day working at ICE, and since then I have been asked to do many interesting and creative things such as writing an article about ICE for the freshman orientation magazine, creating and planning multiple make it take it events, and writing a blog post about ICE’s summer reading recommendations. All of these things were done in the fantastic and enjoyable environment of the Idea Accelerator.   

The first time I was in the Idea Accelerator was in March because I had to get the details of my senior project sorted out. I was only there for a very brief amount of time and was unable to fully comprehend the intricacies of the space. It wasn’t until this month that I saw the full capabilities of the Idea Accelerator. I was amazed at how versatile the Idea Accelerator is. It can be a meeting place for administrators and professors from all across campus, a quiet place for students to study before their exams, or just a place to relax and have fun at a barbecue or with video games. I was also amazed at the creative capabilities of the maker-space. It really allows people to be as creative as possible because it gives them an opportunity to modify clothing, 3D print a useful product or decorative figure, or just use basic arts and crafts supplies to create a work of art. For these reasons, I believe that the space is an extremely effective tool that advances the mission of ICE and the ideas of everyone involved with Villanova.

As my time at ICE winds to an end, I want to thank Martae, II, and all the others at ICE for an entertaining and fulfilling opportunity and experience. I will be attending Villanova in the fall, so I look forward to seeing you all again on campus soon!