Idea Hack: Love Has No Labels

Love Has No Labels is an award-winning, national campaign that promotes diversity and inclusion by showing that love is not defined by gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, or ability. The opportunity to work on this campaign is why I wanted to participate in the Idea Hack: Love Has No Labels Competition presented by Y&R Advertising and the Advertising Council. This campaign really spoke to me because being a woman in business has shown me the importance of promoting diversity and inclusion. I have learned that when more voices are heard, the better ideas tend to be! This Idea Hack truly embodied this spirit by having students from different schools and majors working together. On my team alone we had marketing, computer science, and criminology majors.

Day One of the Idea Hack kicked off with opening remarks from members of Y&R and the Ad Council. We had the opportunity to see the kind of work our coaches are responsible for, such as ad campaigns for Kind Bars and Goldfish. Once we met all the coaches and judges, it was time to meet each other. All 50 students had less than 30 minutes to form teams. Once everyone was settled it was time to brainstorm. Students spent the next few hours running through ideas with each other and coaches. Finally, around 8pm it was time for the coaches to head home and for the students to work into the night.

The next day students were up bright and early finalizing their ideas and presentations. At 4pm it was finally time to present to the judges and coaches what we had put together. All the student presentations were inspiring, and students truly embodied the spirit of the Love Has No Labels Campaign. The first-place team was Team Revolution with their idea to change random acts of kindness into consistent acts of love. Next was team Hack Pack in second place with their idea to combat biases through the power of video gaming. Platforms such as Twitch provide online networks that connects unique players from around the world to achieve one common goal. And finally, Team Tensity came in third with their idea to promote self-love on college campuses.

Overall, the Idea Hack was a phenomenal experience.  Having the opportunity to collaborate with students I wouldn’t typically have classes with, meeting the Y&R team, and working on such an inspirational campaign was all amazing. This Idea Hack truly solidified my interest in marketing and advertising as well as showed me the ways we can combat biases and create love through marketing and advertising.