TriNet Teachings

This afternoon, we had the chance to visit with Burton Goldfield, a Villanova alumnus, who is the current president and CEO of TriNet. TriNet is an all-inclusive HR platform, which provides industry-specific employee benefits, Human Resources, compliance assistance, and much more to small companies. TriNet allows for a small business to have access to the benefits of a large business and it has grown extensively in the last decade under Mr. Goldfield’s leadership. Much of their success is attributed to Mr. Goldfield, who shared his experiences and wisdom with us.

Mr. Goldfield shared that he made many career changes and shifts, some of which occurred when his company was acquired by another. Thus, his mission became to lead TriNet to become the company who acquires others, rather than the other way around. He also shared that he credits much of his success to his time at Villanova, where he pursued an MBA to complement his B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Syracuse. Mr. Goldfield was very open about his quest to find his place within Silicon Valley. Hearing his story has inspired us to identify qualities he has within ourselves.

Given that TriNet is a publicly traded SAAS company, I certainly had different expectations for our visit with Mr. Goldfield. I imagined our visit with TriNet as a time to learn about the ins and outs of working with small businesses, when in reality, we had the opportunity to learn about business strategy and Mr. Goldfield’s personal advice for us. He exceeded my expectations as a speaker and I certainly look forward to connecting with him in the future.