The Medallia Experience

The last stop today for the Villanova in the Valley group was Medallia. Medallia is an international company that produces customer experience management and enterprise feedback software for a variety of companies in many different fields.The software works by collecting feedback from customers and employees via many differents means and then compiling that data into a metric that will allow management to identify any problem areas. This is incredibly important considering around 89% of companies believe that the major area of competition is in the consumer experience.

Mike Kourey was kind enough to explain to the group what Medallia is all about. Mike joined the company in 2015 as the Chief Financial Officer, bringing extensive leadership experience for high-growth tech companies.This allowed him to come into Medallia and instantly set goals that would turn the company into one of the major Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) companies.  He was also able to open discussion with the cohort about what the typical duties were for his position and what qualities are commonly exhibited by a CFO.

The visit was extremely informative and gave the Villanova in the Valley group another great example of what it takes for a SaaS company to succeed.