KPCB – Making the Good Decisions in Venture Capital

When we visited Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers (KPCB), one of the most successful venture capital firms in the world, it was truly an eye-opening experience that was extremely informative and impactful for our Villanova in the Valley cohort.

We first were met by CFO Sue Biglieri as well as a KPCB general partner in Eric Feng, who helps lead the firm’s consumer internet investments and incubations. In other words, two masters in the world of venture capital. When the presentation began, Eric Feng spoke about KPCB, how the firm evaluates the ever-changing consumer market landscape, and how the company tries it’s best to look into the future 25 to 50 years ahead, as a whole and in his division.

Eric was one of the most intelligent and impressive human beings I have ever seen, and he explained how we are now seeing in the markets what is known as a “social communications drought.” As he described, it is the time period that we live in today where social media startups are unable to break into the industry and capture consumer’s attentions because of how powerful, and how successful, the large social media groups (Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Twitter) operate in today’s markets.

During the Q&A session, Eric masterfully worked his way through each question, like a spider weaving his web around the world’s complex markets and catching all the world’s mysteries. He touched on his diverse background, specifically at the video streaming company Hulu. Eric discussed what he learned during a decade in advertising media, and how it has helped him forecast throughout his career at KPCB.

Overall, the visit was very rewarding, and exciting throughout the presentation given by Eric Feng. It was a visit that gave great insight into what to watch out for in the upcoming years in the consumer space as well as which markets will be expanding, merging, and shrinking together.