Investment Vehicles & Strategy Seminar

Are you interested in making smarter investments and raising capital for a future venture? If you answered yes, then be on the lookout for more events by Villanova’s Entrepreneur’s Capital Club, especially like their event held this past Monday! The Villanova Entrepreneur’s Capital Club is dedicated to supporting the work of Villanova’s entrepreneurs, inventors, and innovators by investing all forms of capital in their efforts: education, advisory, mentoring, and financial. To learn more about the Capital Club, click here.

On January 22nd, the ICE Institute hosted a seminar on Investment Vehicles and Strategies. The session was led by a group of three Venture Capitalists including Ray Walheim, a Villanova Business School and Law School graduate. Ray is the retired Chief Legal Officer of MedAssurant, Inc., a leading healthcare technology company that combines advanced data analytics with highly targeted interventions to achieve meaningful impact in clinical outcomes and financial performance across the healthcare landscape. Mr. Walheim defined an investment vehicle as a product used by investors with the intention of gaining positive returns. Investment vehicles can range in risk from low to high; being educated to make intelligent financial investments was the focal point of this seminar.

The event was filled with students, faculty, and community members all interested in making smarter investments. Whether you are interested in business or not, investing and knowing when to invest is a great skill to have for personal financial gain. Moving forward, the Capital Club intends to host two educational events per semester.