Facebook Inc. and “The Big Blue App”

On day two of Villanova in the Valley, students had the opportunity to visit Facebook, Inc., at the company’s Menlo Park headquarters. Villanova in the Valley is an immersion program for Villanova students from a variety of majors and backgrounds who are interested in learning more about companies, job opportunities, and culture in Silicon Valley.

The Facebook visit was led by Kevin Watroba, a Client Solutions Manager within the financial services vertical. Kevin works within Facebook’s marketing team located in New York City. As a part of his duties, he utilizes marketing analytics and marketing sciences to gather user date; he then leverages that user data to improve advertising products and solutions offered to financial service companies advertising across Facebook’s platforms. Kent Wu, a 2017 alumnus of Villanova who majored in computer science, also joined us for the tour and gave us a clear perspective of what is was like to be an engineer at Facebook. His job capacity was centered around servicing the algorithms and code that drive the Newsfeed and Internet.org. 

During the first half of the visit, students were engaged in a presentation and chat with Kevin about Facebook’s mission, products, and marketing strategy. It was apparent throughout the trip that Facebook is truly focused on bringing the world closer together. “The Blue App,” as Kevin referred to it, is not simply a social media platform anymore. Depending on where users are located across the world, Facebook acts as a means of entertainment, ecommerce, business, communication and so much more. As Kent emphasized, in some locations in the world, Facebook isn’t simply an application of the internet – Facebook is the internet!

The second part of the Villanova in the Valley visit to Facebook included a tour around 1 Hacker Way – Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters. Bike lanes, candy shops, arcades, barbershops – the campus itself had more of the look and feel of a small town than a corporation.

Overall, the team’s visit to Facebook was extremely rewarding. It was an incredible opportunity to speak with members from Facebook and tour one of the world’s largest companies.