Equinix: Standing Only Feet Away From the Internet

Today we visited Equinix, a company that provides colocation services. Equinix builds and manages data centers for companies across the world. A data center is essentially a warehouse, specialized for hosting computing servers for companies. Most companies have a website or web service that needs to be run on some server. Instead of managing their own place, the company would opt to use a company like Equinix, which provides a tailored space for the company’s servers (specialized cooling, connections, etc.).

Our experience at Equinix today was bar-none. Our tour guide, Keith Patterson, was more than informative. He clearly was passionate about the subject matter, and it was infectious. Sometimes we forget how much goes on when we click a button in a web browser, but Mr. Patterson’s explanation put it into perspective. We were standing just a few feet away from “the internet” (or at least the servers where most of the magic happens).

Given that all of us in the group have different areas of study, ranging from MBA candidates to computer science majors, we all were able to take away something different from the trip; however, something we all were able to appreciate was that Equinix, without a doubt, puts their clients first, above all. That kind of attitude is inspiring, and all businesses should strive to embody the same kind of mentality.