Leveraging Technology for the Greater Good

On December 7th, 2017, technologist, Darla Wolfe became the Executive Director of the “Philly New Tech Meetup” (PNTM). Wolfe is a business technologist who has over 20 years of experience in information technology, entrepreneurship and manufacturing. Her talents and abilities have given her the opportunity to work in top level positions at places like SAP America and DuPont.

Entrepreneurship is something that Wolfe is very passionate about considering she is currently launching her business called Sweat EquitE, LLC. The purpose of her business, Sweat EquitE, LLC., is to match experienced professionals to non-traditional work opportunities at start ups and emerging businesses.

In terms of why technology is so important to our future, Wolfe explains that, “Technology gives us all the opportunity to grow and develop in new ways that were not possible before.” Technology she further explained revolutionizes the way we work and live, allowing for more innovation and opportunities. Her ultimate goal is to attract big companies like Amazon to Philly so that Philly will become a real technology hub for learning and innovation. Wolfe firmly believes in, “Leveraging technology for the greater good.”