How to Make an App with Brady Acton

Brady Acton, a member of the Villanova University class of 2018, is a successful entrepreneur and app builder with many valuable experiences and lessons. He explained the process of app building and what is required to be both a successful entrepreneur an app builder. The presentation lasted about an hour and covered a range of topics that were both intriguing and informative.

As a part of this cohort program, it has encouraged me to seek out opportunities and to learn from those around me. Brady demonstrated that it is possible to achieve success through taking risks and doing what you love. However, he does highlight and place emphasis on the fact that there are times of failure. Through the ability to “pivot” and make changes, Brady says that success is possible.

I found this presentation to be extremely helpful because I am an aspiring entrepreneur but at times fear the risk associated with it. Through Brady’s acknowledge of failure, I have come to realize that failure is at times necessary in order to reach the success that I crave. I also learned a lot regarding app creation and the process behind it.

The ICE CaP cohort program encourages aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders in the sophomore class to step out of their comfort zone and explore passions. Through Brady Acton’s presentation on app building, I have learned that through taking risks and having moments of failure, I can find success through doing what I love.