Women@Forbes Under 30

Women@Forbes Under 30:

What struck me most about attending the Forbes’ Under 30 Summit this year was the emphasis on women entrepreneurs. Forbes made it a point to not only be inclusive of women when choosing speakers, judges, and panelists, but also to speak out against the disservices done unto women in the past.


The Summit was kicked off by the Women@Forbes event in the MIT Media Lab. This gathering provided like-minded individuals an opportunity to meet and discuss the newest technological innovations and the growing role of women within them. I was personally taken aback by the openness of the community. The room was filled with renowned tech names, from Bozoma Saint John, the Chief Brand Officer at Uber to Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer at Facebook. Each person was more than willing to converse with fellow CEOs, start-up entrepreneurs, and students alike. This event created a unique environment that bridged the gap between the game changers of today with those of tomorrow.



Bozoma Saint John of Uber speaking at the summit.

Bozoma Saint John, “Boz” for short, spoke at the event about her past. She moved from Ghana to Colorado Springs when she was 14 years old, and struggled tremendously with her identity throughout her childhood. Today, as a successful business woman, she shared her five truths with everyone at the Summit:


1. Bring your whole self to work

     She emphasized that the energy you spend covering up who you truly are would be better spent towards the task at hand.


2. Trust your gut (no matter what)

      Boz mentioned that this could be difficult at times, but she never regrets her decisions when she trusts her gut.


3. Do not be afraid to take risk

     Risk taking has been the most difficult aspect of Boz’s career… and the most rewarding!


4. Live your dreams everyday

     Boz revealed this truth to the audience through a heartbreaking story about her husband’s battle with terminal cancer. Losing the person she loved the most taught her to value her time and make the most of everyday.


5. Humanity is our responsibility

     Lastly, Boz encouraged everyone to take responsibility for the world around us. If everyone takes pride in the Earth as our home, it would be a much better place to live.


Boz was just one of the thousands of incredible women who attended the Forbes Under 30 Summit. The week was full of inspiring stories, ideas, and initiatives. It was a great opportunity for all who attended.