VOH Sits Down for Informative Lunch with Marc Cadin

Marc Cadin


Today Villanova on the Hill sat down with two of the founders of the Public Policy Society, Marc Cadin and Alex DelPizzo. Mr. Cadin shared some valuable insight with our cohort on the work he does for the AALU on the Hill. As a registered lobbyist, he advocates for the beliefs, priorities, and views of due-paying members of the Association for Advanced Life Underwriting. It was especially intriguing to hear him speak about his job while Alex DelPizzo spoke of his as it gave us a more comprehensive view on lobbying. During this luncheon, we discussed current events like the situation surrounding the ACA, Trump’s tweeting, and the current political climate. We found this session to be essential in linking our experiences so far to our theme of finding common ground in a bipartisan manner.

Alex Delpizzo