The Leaders of Tomorrow: The Forbes Under 30 Scholars

In a culture where leadership becomes the norm, how does one rise above and become a leader among leaders?

It’s easy to be ambitious and motivated as a student at Villanova University where the options seem to be limitless. I felt at home with the culture at the Forbes Under 30 Summit because many, if not all of the attendees, were passionate and thirsty for progress.

However, if you’re like me, you’ve heard the scoffs and seen the sly smirks on those a mere ten to twenty years older when you describe these ambitions. Why is it that their ambition has died and ‘reality’ has sunk in? It’s because of fear; fear of failure. Ambition only dies when the idea of failure becomes more frightening than a breakthrough seems exciting.

After listening to and observing an abundance of immensely successful people in a vast array of different fields at the Forbes Under 30 Summit, only one trait remains constant; they all have a passion filled mission. This conference has taught me what sustained success truly takes.

Most of us ambitious and driven young people have a passion filled mission. The key to sustained success and passion is to make your mission altruistic in nature. It can be easy to give up on yourself when you lose motivation. Motivation can lack significance when the benefit is based on one’s own self interest. When the benefit of others is dependent upon the one’s own actions or inaction, it becomes easier to find purpose and direction. If you are driven by the gain of others, very little can get in your way.