Schedule Engine: Empowering Home Service Contractors

Austin Haller, Co-founder and CEO at Schedule Engine

Schedule Engine, a company that is revolutionizing how home service contractors interact with customers, started as a Villanova University MBA project. Just this month, co-founder and Villanova Alumnus Austin Haller positioned the company as one of nine Rise of the Rest® finalists competing for a $100,000 investment from AOL’s Steve Case. So, what is the story behind the success?


Austin Haller graduated from Denver University with degrees in Economics and Finance before going on to work for his father’s mechanical contracting company, Haller Enterprises. During this time, Haller worked closely with his father to learn the ins-and-outs of running the family business; furthermore, he gained an interest, understanding, and appreciation for the service contracting industry.


From 2014 to 2016, Austin Haller attended the Villanova School of Business where he graduated with a Master’s degree in Business Administration. At Villanova, a professor prompted students to identify and investigate potentially disruptive technologies to an existing industry.


Haller turned his attention to what he knew best: service contracting. He recognized that a gap had grown between what customers had come to want and expect from contractors, and what contractors were capable of providing customers. In a mobile-first world, consumers demand the ability to control every aspect of their lives with their smart devices – home service contracting included!


Haller went on to team up with MBA program cohort Ray Clark, take the idea to investors, and work on Schedule Engine while completing his degree.  


Since the company’s inception at Villanova University, it has been Schedule Engine’s mission to offer customer-retaining, brand-preserving solutions for service contractors. Schedule Engine works behind the scenes to create a modern customer experience that utilizes messaging and self-branded applications.


On the business-end, Schedule Engine is a software as a service (SaaS) designed to be integrated with existing enterprise software to automate and optimize scheduling and dispatching of technicians. The company partners with contracting enterprises to streamline operational efficiency, all while offering customers the modern experience they demand.


On the consumer-end, Schedule Engine offers solutions for every step of the home service contracting process all on a user’s smart device: diagnosing the maintenance problem, scheduling maintenance appointments, appointing technicians, learning about appointed technicians, tracking job progress, making payments, and rating the completed work.


The software is meant to empower contracting businesses in an economy where 3rd party referral services like Amazon Home Services and Home Advisor are commoditizing home service contracting.


Unfortunately, Schedule Engine was not awarded the $100,000 Rise of the Rest® investment; however, Austin Haller and the Schedule Engine team were honored to make it as far as they did. To be chosen as a finalist from a list of 80 Central Pennsylvania applications is a testament to the product and experience Schedule Engine is building.


In 2005, Steve Case co-founded the investment firm Revolution with the mission of investing in disruptive and innovative startups that offer choice, convenience, and control for both consumers and businesses. Revolution’s Rise of the Rest® bus tours are a nationwide effort to work closely with entrepreneurs, like Austin Haller, in emerging startup ecosystems.


Schedule Engine is a homegrown, Lancaster-native company that undoubtedly meets that exact criteria.


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