Paul Kane On Getting Your Foot In The Door

This afternoon, Villanova on the Hill had the privilege of meeting with Paul Kane from the Washington Post. Notably, Mr. Kane emphasized the importance of honesty and integrity while trying to build one’s network. He went on to mention how the toughest part of the Hill is getting “your foot in the door”. By developing one’s skill set with extensive networking, and learning one can rise quickly on the Hill.


These notes resonated with our group as we have consistently heard similar advice on integrity, and networking throughout our time thus far. Perhaps one of the most resounding similarities that we have seen throughout our speakers is the ambiguity of Washington amongst all workers, from both sides of the aisle. Our speakers, Paul Kane included, jest that we should “let them know” when we “figure out Washington”.


This certainly speaks to part of our theme for this week in aiming to more deeply understand this political climate and ecosystem. Paul Kane’s advice will most certainly stick with us and continue to shape our experience and observations of the Hill.