On the Invaluable Experience of Connecting with Young Villanova Alumni in D.C.

Student cohort debriefing at The Ugly Mug in D.C. after a day of Villanova on the Hill.

On Thursday night October 12th, the Villanova on the Hill Cohort gathered in a sports bar restaurant, The Ugly Mug, in downtown D.C. to talk about living and working in D.C. over pizza and fries with recently graduated alumni. Meghan Rogers, who organized this event, brought together six young alumni with diverse educational backgrounds and experiences in D.C.



This event was truly invaluable, as we were able to really engage with successful alumni closer to our age and feel more comfortable building connections. I personally benefitted from this event because I felt comfortable asking questions regarding graduate school, and about their honest opinions working in D.C. This event was unique because it brought together young Villanovans and really facilitated networking that would help me and other Villanova on the Cohort members break into D.C.


Student cohort after meeting Villanovans at the inaugural Villanova on the Hill.

I am truly thankful for the opportunity to ask questions about the lifestyle, work environments, personal experiences and accumulate incredible advice from Villanova alum who have recently set themselves up for success in D.C. Advice given by the young alumni that really resonated with me was advocating for yourself and committing yourself fully to the D.C. ecosystem.