My Summer at CHOP

As a part of the Patient Media Programs Internship at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (lovingly known as CHOP), I had the opportunity to hone the skills necessary to running a broadcast network and producing live programming.


With hands-on learning emphasized, I was educated both on the tools and technologies used to bring real television and radio shows to life, while developing my own creative content for these projects to air on CHOP’s closed-circuit television network, Galaxy 51.


Throughout the summer, we were visited by several celebrity guests and hosted many special hospital events that centered on bringing both a fun and educational outlet for patients and their families. Interacting with my advisors, my fellow interns, and the children of the hospital created a dynamic and enjoyable atmosphere from which every party involved could benefit.


I’m incredibly grateful for my time at CHOP and would highly recommend the internship to anyone interested in learning more about media production.