Mind full, or Mindful? A Guided Meditation Event

A usually bustling Idea Accelerator fell calm on a Monday afternoon with the help of Villanova Alum and Meditation Expert Brian Gallo. Mindfulness: Open your Mind, Manage your Stress was a program that Gallo brought to campus to help students relax and regroup during Midterm Week. Students from all over campus joined together in a circle while Gallo guided them through meditation. The students quickly relaxed and got to spend an hour out of their busy week worked towards a healthier mind.

Gallo explained his own journey towards meditation, it began slowly but over time he was able to incorporate it into his life and it has had a significant and lasting impact on his wellness. Meditation was a response to his busy life as an Investment Banker on Wall Street. He hopes to encourage students to visit mediation when they feel overwhelmed or just on a day-to-day basis to prevent being overwhelmed. He hopes that if students adopt meditation, they will be able to rely on it to help them when they enter the fast paced workforce.

If you want to learn more about Brian Gallo and meditation you can visit his website here.