Keeping in the Loop: If’s Story

A recent Villanova graduate has been experiencing immense success in her new venture, Loop. Ifunanya Nwanonyiri, If, graduated from Villanova with a B.A. in Global Studies and a minor in Africana Studies (pictured right). She is the co-founder of an application which “bridges the gap between events and deals that can be found on a number of major search engines with that of events that people stumble upon or find out about, solely from word of mouth,” as Iffy explained it to me. The app “aims to keep you in the loop of the things going on in your particular area as well as allow you to keep others in the loop.” The application is best summarized as “stay in it and stay connection.”


The idea arose from If’s high school best friend and co-founder, Chidozie Diala (pictured right). She loved the idea and found its applicability innumerable. The inspiration came from “noticing the problems that young professionals face trying to navigating through new & unfamiliar social scenes and ultimately wanted to create a way to make that aspect easier.They also saw that local businesses that host quaint niche events don’t have a platform unique to them, to reach the people in their neighborhood.”


Upon launching in November 2017, Loop will offer its users a beta version of the app, where users will be able to give feedback on the initial functions and interphases of the app. Loop strives to better connect individuals with the towns and the communities they reside, in an engaging manner, allowing for the connection of different people sharing common interests.Loop aims to initially service “millennials/young professionals defined to be 20-34-year old near or in cities but ultimately, they believe this app can serve everyone from the older woman who loves finding cool yard sales and flea markets in the area, to the college student trying to explore the social scene outside of the college bubble. ”



The app has a main event home page where the user has a feed of events that have populated based off the interests and location specified by the user. It also has a “looper” page where, post about events or deals from other users in the area populates and it has a “section where events” tab and deals from local events and deals in the area are highlighted. It also has a chat feature where users can talk with other users in the area based off shared interest of events. It “is unique in that it provides a one stop shop for information we, as connected individuals, would normally encounter.” As of now, Loop is available in the Philly area and North Jersey with the aim of being nationwide eventually.


If is confident that the app will “ultimately serve the interest of a wide range of people, so whether it is an older woman looking for a yard sale, a new grad looking for the hottest parties, or a visiting businessman looking for networking events, this app will serve them all…while giving local businesses a platform! Essentially revamping the way ‘word of mouth’ information is received.”


Now that the application is due to launch, Loop’s primary goal is user acquisition instead, all efforts will be predicated on user acquisition and retention.


On a more personal note, If informed me that what she misses the most about Villanova are her friends, especially BBE. She also stated that she dearly misses the two groups she co-founded and led while she was an undergraduate here: African and Caribbean Villanovans and Wazobia African Dance. Besides missing dancing with her group, she also misses actively participating in the Special Olympics Fall Festival each year. But nonetheless be on the lookout for Loop to make a big splash in 2018!


To learn more about Loop, visit the website.