Entrepreneurship Spotlight: Marissa Baum

I had the opportunity to attend the presentation given by Marissa Baum (pictured right) in celebration of Women in Entrepreneurship Week.I was very interested in learning about Marissa’s experience as a young female entrepreneur and her journey to success. I was initially shocked to learn her roots, how she decided to quit school and rediscover what she wanted to do with her life. She made an interesting comment about how she had one day visited Barnes & Noble to find a book on how to develop her blog and blogging skills, but walked out empty handed. This is because she realized how sometimes you have to write the book yourself, by experiencing trial and error and learning from your own mistakes.

Probably the biggest takeaway for me was one of the quotes she included towards the end of her presentation, and it stated “Entrepreneurship comes from opportunity, not from an idea.” I thought this was a very interesting concept to consider, as it is often true that entrepreneurship may not be something that is forced, but is more successful when it comes as a result of chance. She also quoted an old professor that said “ability and taste will never be on the same wavelength,” and this was another really important takeaway for me. It is definitely necessary to step back and reflect on what your and reflect on what your ambitions might be, and how they’re not necessarily always immediately obtainable, thus recognizing this will allow you to grow to reach that point.