Don Irwin & Chris Wheat – Data Driven Policy

Don Irwin, Managing Director of J.P. Morgan’s D.C. Office and Bank Team Lead at J.P. Morgan Private Bank,

Don Irwin

Chris Wheat

hosted Villanova on the Hill at J.P. Morgan Institute, where we met with Chris Wheat, Director of Business Research. J.P. Morgan Institute is a global think tank that harnesses the data coming from bank customers in order to provide analyses to create

policy. Mr. Irwin highlighted the size of D.C.’s economy: 3rd largest in the country and 7th largest in the world with the highest educated population in the world. After Chris spoke about the Institute, he made sure we understood that there are many different paths we can follow in our careers. The Institute disrupts the perception of where to go in a public policy career.


Chris described the Institute’s ability to take the bank’s vast amount of data and push it out for analysis and how using this data in order to help public policy falls under the corporate responsibility umbrella. He did highlight that there are challenges that the Institute faces when only using the bank’s data. There are areas around the country where the bank is not the leading banker and this can prese

nt problems when trying to create analysis at the local level.




Our visit of J.P. Morgan Institute gave us a greater look at the ecosystem of D.C. and how think tanks can help influence policy.