Dante Cutrona – Future Chief of Staff

Dante Cutrona is the current Legislative Director and Deputy Chief of Staff for Congressman Ryan Costello (PA-06), both graduates from Villanova School of Law. Mr. Cutrona will be taking on the position of Chief of Staff to Congressman Costello after working his way up through the positions of intern, Legislative Correspondent, and Legislative Assistant.


Since the election of Donald Trump, constituents have demanded more from their elected officials, including Congressman Costello. Mr. Cutrona highlighted a large part of his staff’s time is now dedicated to responding to constituents, which is changing the way the office functions. But Mr. Cutrona highlighted that his number one goal and the number one goal of his office is constituent services.


After working for a firm in Pennsylvania for three years, he decided that he would regret not coming to DC and working on the Hill, which gave me confidence as a recent DC transplant. He took an internship after already establishing his career in order to change it and it payed off. I am currently working on the Hill and I will take his career advice in the future. This summer, I decided to also take an internship on the Hill because I knew if I didn’t do it then, I would regret it. It is good to know that someone in his position will be calling my past offices to hear about my work ethic.