Be in Charge, Be the Change

Villanova Alum and Chief Financial Advisor & Executive Vice President of National Graphics Inc., Michele Etzel hosted a workshop on Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship in the Idea Accelerator on October 26,2017. Her presentation was in conjunction with the Villanova University, 2017 Leadership Summit, Women Igniting Change which is a day filled with presentations, networking and discussions on empowering and recognizing women in all levels of leadership.

Etzel’s presentation was centered around finding your passions and being in control of your life. She spent some time working in the business world, switching between companies to find a role that fulfilled her. Companies like Ernst and Young, Johnson and Johnson and Girls Scouts of Connecticut are just some of the places the Etzel gained experience from. Throughout her different roles she was able to learn some life lessons that would eventually help shape who she is today as well as help her to navigate future decisions.

One important lesson that Etzel expressed is that you should always have a thirst for knowledge. The desire to learn will help you develop personally and professionally. You should never become complacent with your role in life because there is always room for improvement to grow. We should all have a desire to be great and become the best versions of ourselves. Etzel used the metaphor of a car saying that we own it, we drive it and that we are responsible for the destination in which we take it. The idea of being in control of your life is an idea that Etzel echoed throughout her presentation. Knowing that we each have the power to create our ideal lives is what motivated Etzel to take charge of her career and to never settle for less.