An Inside Look at Politico for Villanova on the Hill

Brad Dayspring (CLAS ’99) gave Villanova on the Hill an interesting look into Politico, one of the premiere newspapers in Washington DC. A brief tour around the office immediately highlighted two aspects of the Politico environment: really great lighting and really young employees. In almost every room they had a television playing the top news channel, reflective of their fast-paced-updates style of reporting.


After the tour, Mr. Dayspring gave us a brief background of his own journey in DC and how he ended up as the Vice President of Communications for Politico. He gave us the relatively short history of Politico from a new start-up to one of the leading mediums of reporting in the Capitol, and brought in Josh Dawsey to tell us what it’s like reporting in a political ecosystem as charged, constantly evolving, and multi-faceted as Washington DC. It was not only interesting to hear more about Politico’s impact on the community here and in Europe, but also that our generation are the ones driving that impact.