Curricular innovations from faculty, staff, and students presented at the Teaching and Learning IdeaBounce®

The Teaching and Learning IdeaBounce® was a great opportunity to hear what teachers and other members of the Villanova community had to share about improving the current state of our academia. Each presenter gave a two minute elevator pitch on a course or set of courses they would like to see taught at the university. Afterwards, there was an open mic where anyone with a spontaneous idea could present.


Some of my favorite pitches included a new science course focusing on biomimicry, a new set of courses focused on the economics of the music/entertainment industry, and a class on impending risks to humanity and how to approach them. At the open mic, one of my friends was even able to pitch his idea on a set of courses about sports analytics!


The most surprising aspect of the event was the yearning for interdisciplinary learning. The ICE Institute is always promoting collaborative efforts from cross-disciplinaries and it was great to see that mentality present among staff. The atmosphere at the event cultivated creativity and gave a foothold to people who did not know how to approach their idea. The ICE Program does an incredible job of giving people the connections they need to move their ideas along. This was an interesting event to go to as a student because I was able to collaborate with staff I might never be introduced to otherwise. I will be sure to bring some ideas of my own next time!