Philadelphia is Barking for ponzmo

Healthy, delicious, convenient — ponzmo all-natural, premium dog food is one of Philadelphia’s newest startups, and the city is barking for it! ponzmo was founded in early 2017 by Damian Zaccaria, a finance professional with thirteen years of experience in the corporate world. Damian graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park, in 2002 before going on to receive his MBA from the Villanova School of Business in 2016. Today, he works full time on ponzmo.

ponzmo is truly unique in its approach to canine health. All ponzmo recipes are vet-formulated, AAFCO-approved, and human grade. But what exactly does that entail?

For starters, ponzmo partnered with board certified, vet nutritionists to formulate recipes and customizable portion sizes that optimize quality, caloric intake. Using weight, age, activity level, and whether the dog is fixed, ponzmo prescribes, prepares, and delivers meals for dogs according to their unique caloric needs. Think Basal Metabolic Rate, but for canines! Samples from every batch cooked are bio-lab-tested and analyzed to ensure compliance with AAFCO guidelines — the FDA of dog food.

Meal preparation takes place at the Hamilton Center for Culinary Enterprises (CCE), an FDA and USDA compliant commercial kitchen in West Philadelphia. CCE is a hotbed for established and start-up food business, but there is one caveat. ponzmo is CCE’s first non-human project.

This leads me to an important point: ponzmo meals really are human grade! You can try it yourself; in fact, many dog owners have tasted the doggy dishes at various promotional events. ponzmo’s restaurant quality ingredients are prepped, cooked, and packaged exercising the same hygiene and care as is standard for human meals. The beef is USDA Grade A, the chicken is hormone and steroid free, the grain & seeds are nutritionally rich, and the veggies are farm fresh right from the United States. To ensure nutritional consistency the humanely raised proteins are always sourced from the same family farms.

The “Farm to Dog Bowl” menu features Chicken So Delicious It Doesn’t Need a Catchy Name and Beef Your Human Will Try to Steal. The food is absolutely delicious and undoubtedly nutritious, with over 99% of nutrients coming directly from fresh ingredients, and the remainder coming from ponzmo’s supplement blend. Dogs may devour these meals in seconds, but the health benefits of natural food will last a lifetime. The absence of preservatives, by-products, and fillers improve digestion, increase energy, and manage weight in dogs.  The all natural diet is also a hit with picky eaters and popular with dogs that have food allergies.   

Finally, ponzmo doesn’t only have your dog covered, it makes dog-owners’ lives easier as well. ponzmo offers free delivery plans of its frozen, pre-portioned dishes on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. ponzmo deliveries automatically arrive right when the prior shipment runs out.  Dogs and their owners love ponzmo. 

Perhaps the biggest competitive advantage ponzmo has is its founder: Damian Zaccaria. It is plain and simple. Damian cares. Not only does ponzmo donate a percent of sales and a portion of every batch to no-kill shelters, Damian treats every canine ponzmo feeds the way he treats Ponzu, Massimo, and Queso — his pets (whom ponzmo is named after) that inspired and continue to inspire his business.  One of the most rewarding parts of the business for ponzmo’s founder is getting to meet the dogs and their owners, and to see the health benefits.  Zaccaria is passionate about caring for pets and it shows!

Follow ponzmo on Instagram at @ponzmo ( to keep up to date on the lives of Ponzu, Queso, and others benefiting from their new and improved, healthy diets. And be sure to check out the company website for more information about how to ponzmo.