Moving Ideas Forward at IdeaBounce®

The ICE Institute hosted its semi-annual IdeaBounce® for students, faculty, staff, and community members on September 25, 2017. IdeaBounce® is a pitch event for those interested in new and innovative ideas. Each presenter delivers a two minute elevator pitch to the audience. Audience members have the chance to provide feedback and learn about the interesting ideas happening on campus and in the community.

The first presenter of the program was Jim Cade, who pitched his ergonomic toothbrush for people with disabilities. The toothbrush is beneficial to all people but enables those with disabilities the advantage to take care of themselves or allow for their caretakers to do a better job of brushing teeth.

Our next presenter William, would like to create a company that would help increase the quality of writing within companies and among millennials while also offering services for free-lance writing. We were also joined by Villanova alumna Ifunanya Nwanonyiri and her cofounder who presented, Loop, which is an app that allows users to share events they see with others in their communities. The app would take into account your interests and location to provide a feed of events in your area within your interests.

We finished the pitches with the Uncommon Individual Foundation who shared information about their mentorship program for entrepreneurs, businesses, and nonprofits. They are looking for interns in the spring and summer cohorts.

Proceeding the pitches, presenters and the audience participated in a networking session to help move the ideas forward and provided ideas and resources.  Thanks to everyone who participated and we look forward to seeing you at our spring program!