Villanovans Lead An Inclusive Ice Cream Company

An ice cream lover with lactose intolerance, Katy wanted to enjoy a sweet, cold treat without the negative health effects. Unsatisfied with alternative forms of ice cream made from soy, dairy, and coconut milk, she partnered up with Gwen, a friend she met as an undergrad at Villanova, to found their own lactose-free ice cream company, Minus the Moo. Utilizing her experience in health sciences, Katy developed Minus the Moo’s signature product using the lactase enzyme so those dealing with lactose-intolerance could more easily digest the dairy. By creating an ice cream that everyone can indulge in, Katy and Gwen seek to provide Equal Opportunity Enjoyment regardless of a person’s tolerance of lactose. They have been successfully able to accomplish their goal so far by distributing their ice cream through Whole Foods, Amazon Fresh, and independent grocery stores. Winning the 2016 Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream Pitch Room competition, they are now benefiting from $10,000 in funding and a year’s worth mentorship from Samuel Adam executives. They plan to use the fruits of their win to employ additional staff, grow their distribution, and market their product. With a love for sweets and a drive to make ice cream events inclusive, Katy and Gwen have an exciting road ahead to spread the spirit of Minus the Moo.