How to Make an App with Brady Acton (VSB ’18)

Brady Acton is a junior in VSB and has already developed multiple apps! He visited ICE to talk about how to take an app from an idea all the way to the app store. Brady was able to show students how to create an app from scratch with no experience and a small budget. Brady hopes his advice can help make students “the next Mark Zuckerberg.”

Brady explained the benefits and downsides of working on the project as an individual and as a corporation. He suggested when building a team to help develop the app, have no more than three founders. One member to design the product, one to build it, and one to sell it.

Brady recommended setting goals and a timeline for what you want to accomplish and when. Brady stressed the importance of creating an original idea. He explained that the most successful apps did not read trends and attempt to copy what had already been developed. Rather, the creators would recognize a difficulty in their own lives and attempt to create a solution that applied not only to them, but to others as well.

Brady then walked students through the process of designing and programing the app, he was able to explain which tools students can use to start the process. If students don’t feel comfortable designing and programming their app they can outsource it to different companies. Some companies are more hands on and expensive while others work with many clients and may not have as much involvement, but are much less costly. Brady used Doodle Jump as an example of an app that only cost around eight hundred to one thousand dollars to create but made about ten to fifteen million dollars.

Once your app has been developed, it goes onto the app store. To make sure it gets viewed Brady explained that you need to add buzz words to your title that will help bring customers to your app. Brady also explained, after all this effort, there are three ways to make money from your app, initial purchase, in app purchases, and ads.

Brady closed by saying that once you launch your app you have to advertise as much as possible. However, the best advertisement is a good product!