Open Innovation Class in the Idea Accelerator

Language is generative and your next conversation could change your world. With whom will it be? About what? When? Where? And, why? Will it include a request, an offer and will it lead to a promise? If not, perhaps it should, as it is conversations that lead to commitments which drive coordinated action, collaboration and innovation.

On Wednesday April 5th cookies were food for thought for 35 participants who came from across campus to the Idea Accelerator to explore Fernando Flores’ work on the philosophy of language and entrepreneurship. First James Barnes’ MBA innovation class participants warmed the audience up with some engaging read outs and personal learning around innovation. Then, Lampros Fatsis (coach in the EMBA program), Tony Holland (EMBA graduate) and David Henkin (EMBA graduate) facilitated a discussion of Maria Flores Letelier’s and J. L. Flores’ book Javi’s Opportunity Manual: A Kid’s Guide to Making Things Happen. One lesson shared by all was that we have plenty to learn about innovation from children, in this case Javi.