Villanova on Set – Women’s Night with Amy Adrion

Villanova On Set 2017 ended with a bang on Women’s Night.  In an industry that is saturated with powerful male figures, it was refreshing to hear the perspective of a powerful woman.  Amy Adrion is a writer, producer and director who is focused on shedding light on sexist practices in the entertainment industry.  Her films are designed to portray women as strong, confident, and powerful.

Amy Adrion obtained her BA from Georgetown in English Literature.  She then went on to receive her MFA from UCLA where she quickly realized her passion for making films.  She has made a variety of short films that have been shown at multiple film festivals and have won several awards.  In all of her projects a woman serves as the central role in the picture.  Amy Adrion’s most recent project, Half The Picture, is gaining the attention of women and men alike.

Half The Picture is a documentary that focuses on sexist practices in the entertainment industry, with a focus on female directors.  Adrion informed us that this issue is present in all facets of the industry.  While sexism remains a problem, she is already seeing improvements.  She is hopeful that the public will be made better aware of the issue but will not let it discourage them from breaking into the industry.  She defines women in the industry as members of a sisterhood who refuse to be suppressed.