The Villanova On Set cohort was able to meet with many successful figures in the television and film industry.  Their enthusiasm and positivity has enabled us to continue our search for jobs and internships in our fields of interest.  Our first full day in Los Angeles ended with a night of reflections with special guest Jordan Rock.  If there was one thing to take away from our meeting it is that “the biggest mistake people make is when they quit.  You never know how close you are.”


Jordan Rock is a 26 year old comedian originally from New York.  He joined the entertainment industry by following in the footsteps of his older brother, Chris Rock.  Jordan can currently be seen on the Netflix hit show, LOVE, as well as the new Netflix film, Take the 10.  Despite reaching success at a young age, he emphasized the hard work and determination needed to break into the entertainment industry.


Rock originally started as a production assistant and immediately realized that it wasn’t for him.  During his time as a production assistant he found his real passion, comedy.  He did stand-up comedy in New York for about eight years before moving to Los Angeles so that he could reach his full potential.


Jordan Rock hinted at a reoccurring theme that has been emphasized multiple times throughout this trip to Los Angles.  Nothing in the entertainment industry comes easily.  In order to be successful you must be driven, passionate, and willing to take chances.  In order to reach your aspirations you must trust the process and put in the work.