Villanova On Set First Night Dinner with Jerry Petry

Image result for jerry petryTonight we had the honor of kicking off our week in LA by siting down to dinner with Jerry Petry, a VSB alum (class of 1972) who worked at NBC for an incredible 34 years. Jerry has had an illustrious career, starting off in finance and business operations and eventually becoming the Exec. V.P. of Administration. We met Jerry at the historic Smokehouse in Burbank, the restaurant that Jerry was actually taken to on his first day at NBC. We got the chance to talk to Jerry about a variety of things, from where to start out in the entertainment business, to his Oscar picks, to (of course) Villanova Basketball. Jerry encouraged us to be open to any opportunity and willing to work in any position to start off in the industry.


As an aspiring writer, I was particularly interested in what path to take to get in my desired area of the business. Jerry told me a story of someone he knew who started off as a P.A. and worked their way up to being a P. A. for the writers room specifically; I didn’t even know that this was something that was possible. Jerry was incredibly kind and informative, and the conversations at dinner were very interesting. I’m sure I speak for all of the V.O.S. cohort when I say that we are grateful for Jerry and his wife, MaryJoy, for spending their night and bits of advice with us.