Exploring Technicolor with Laura Borowsky

Today we had the great opportunity to meet with a few key players at Technicolor. There were a few complications at first, but we eventually met with some great people. When we first pulled up I noticed that we were going into Paramount Studios and not Technicolor and I was very confused. I quickly realized that Technicolor was on the Paramount Lot. I didn’t know what to expect with Technicolor. I had been to a few studios tours and what not before the trip, but I had never been to a post production house before. We went inside after checking in with security and they led us to what looked like an IMAX theater but with a huge control center in the middle. I was floored at how cool the room was, especially with the control center and the ping pong and pool tables.


We met with three people and one of the people we had the opportunity to meet was Laura Borowsky. Laura is a Theatrical Account Executive at Technicolor and mainly works with independent films. She helps these smaller budget films with all of their post-production needs at Technicolor. Laura told us to never say no to a conversation, especially with her dealings in smaller films, because you never know what kind of relationship you can form. We even had the opportunity to speak with her afterwards about the Social Justice Documentary that a few of us are working on and seeing if maybe she could help us out in post production. Laura was an absolute pleasure to meet and I’m glad we got time to spend at Technicolor.