Villanova Holds First Ever Research IdeaBounce®

Building on years of experience hosting pitch events for Villanova entrepreneurs launching ventures, the ICE Institute collaborated with Amanda Grannas, PhD, Associate Vice Provost for Research, and held its first Research IdeaBounce® for students, faculty, and staff to give mini presentations on their research. From Grannas’s perspective, “Villanova has an active and engaged community of scholars, but it remains difficult to find time to learn about the various projects happening across campus, or to effectively seek out collaboration opportunities.” By bringing people together from different disciplines, this event allowed researchers to express their ideas, inquire about the thoughts of others, and network with people who have new perspectives.


The Research IdeaBounce® attracted scholars from chemistry, computing sciences, mathematics, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, environmental sciences, marketing, and history. The specific topics included changes in Arctic sea ice conditions, 3D-printing educational protein building blocks, and informational packaging for marijuana dispensaries. “The idea to adapt the already successful IdeaBounce platform to research seemed a natural thing to try. In a fun, supportive, and collaborative atmosphere everyone learned more about the great research happening on campus,” said Grannas.


Moving forward, this event will provide excellent opportunities for researchers to share their thoughts, gain new insights, and make advantageous connections across different disciplines.