Keeping Chemo patients warm- Chemo Cozy and Ellen Hamilton

During her husband, Greg’s, chemotherapy treatments and battle with cancer both Ellen Hamilton and her husband saw a need for comfortable and accessible clothing for people undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Ellen then went online to try to find something for her husband that would make him more comfortable during his infusion treatments but there was nothing available. They made their first prototype with some sewing help from a family member and it was an immediate hit with the medical staff.


Out of this experience came their company, Chemo Cozy. Motivated to provide chemotherapy patients with a better experience in infusion centers, the company specializes in comfortable, soft fleeces with hidden zippers so that medical staff can easily access PICC and IV lines. In the beginning, Ellen and Greg were new to the world of apparel but they were able to use their past experiences in project management and sales and marketing to help grow the company. Through a Kickstarter campaign, Ellen and Greg were able to help launch and grow their company.


What Ellen highlighted in her presentation was that she had a true passion for the work she was doing and the positive impact that these fleeces can provide. She also mentioned that you do not have to know everything at the beginning but that the entrepreneurial journey often involves learning along the way. She emphasized utilizing your network and how word of mouth and the connections that you make can help to expand your business and knowledge of the product.


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