It’s Showtime with Vinnie Malhotra

This afternoon we met up with Vinnie Malhotra with Showtime. Vinnie has an extensive background in unscripted programming; he started off at ABC on their news programs, has won two Emmy’s, has been a producer on several films, including The Hunting Ground, and he is now the senior Vice President of unscripted and sports programming for Showtime. Our meeting with Vinnie was incredibly informative. We learned about the type of things that Showtime looks for in a show (something that has an edge to it), the best way to market ourselves in the business, how stay true to our goals in such a tough business, and more.


I was most interested in hearing Vinnie’s advice about presenting pitches–as a writer, knowing how to pitch my ideas in the most effective way will be integral to my success. This advice was to be succinct, clear, and able to read the room you are presenting to. Vinnie has had his hands in so many different facets of unscripted programming (documentaries, sports, news) but he is particularly interested in the subject of national security and politics. Vinnie is accomplished and down-to-Earth, and his words of wisdom were invaluable.