It’s Now Time for Jimmy Kimmel Live with Patrick Friend!

Do you love the Jimmy Kimmel Show? Well here’s the man responsible for the great content on his show!


The Villanova on Set Cohort got to meet Patrick Friend. Patrick is the field producer on The Jimmy Kimmel Live show. The field producer is generally responsible for the overall content and quality of the show. As well as, often responsible for researching, writing and editing content.


Patrick is a Villanova Alum! He graduated in 1994 and played on the football team. When he hung up his cleats, Patrick worked for as a production assistant for Fox Sports and created sport documentaries for ESPN before joining the crew of Jimmy Kimmel Live over 13 years ago! Patrick talked to us about the relationships he built with people is what helped him get to the position that he is in today. He also talked to us about the daily grind it takes to put on a daily show. Often times they would have to decide in minutes if they need to build a set for a skit or go onto the streets of Hollywood Blvd (just watch Lie Witness News)! Also, Patrick told us how hands-on Jimmy Kimmel is with every decision that relates to the show.

 After talking to us, Patrick, of course, had to leave because he had to tape a live show. The Cohorts got to watch the taping of the show in the green room. One of the cohorts saw the guest, Tom Hiddleston, backstage and a few got pictures of Guillermo after the show. I guess you never know who you are going to run into in Hollywood!