Holy Cowboy It’s David Harris!

The Villanova on Set Cohort got to meet David Harris at a reception that was hosted at Craig Shenkler’s home (a Villanova Alum). I had the pleasure of introducing David in an intimate setting of about 30 guests ranging from Villanova Alums who just moved to LA pursing their passion in Hollywood, to establish actors, directors, editors, and other movers and shakers within the entertainment industry.


David is currently the SVP of Development at Gunpowder & Sky, a global studio dedicated to creating, marketing and distributing video content independent of form, genre or platform. David has worn many hats within the entertainment industry from producing a digital series with Nick Cannon, to the VP of MTV(other) to producing with his wife (Amy Adrion) a feature documentary about dismal number of women directors working in Hollywood, called Half the Picture.


At the reception, David was our keynote speaker. He stressed the importance of not quitting because the entertainment industry can be a rough ride. A story he knows personally because he was fired from MTV(Other) before landing back on his feet in his new role at Gunpowder & Sky. In addition, he pointed out that it is important to build relationships because that is truly the way to get your next job or project in Hollywood.

You can check out some of his work on his website.