Find your own Yipppeee!- Ideas Accelerated with Steve Somers

Steve Somers, Owner and President of Vigon, came to speak about his entrepreneurial journey. Vigon is a flavor, fragrance, and cosmetic ingredient company. In his work, Steve says he is a chemist who synthesizes, extracts, and isolates ingredients that taste and smell good.


He mentioned that you never know when you are going to learn something new so you need to always be open and ready to learn. He recently met Derek Jeter on a trip to Florida and Derek said that in the league there were people that were faster, stronger, and taller but the one thing he had that others did not was that he hated to lose. Steve said that he shares that same drive and that is what drives him in his company. As an entrepreneur, he says that fear is the enemy and that you have to overcome people telling you that you cannot do it.


In high school he was studying to become a priest and attended St. Joseph’s in New York. He signed up for a major in Chemistry because a friend of his said “whatever you do don’t major in Chemistry, it’s too hard.” So that is the major that Steve chose because he loved the idea of a challenge. In his talk Steve stressed the idea of taking the road less traveled because most of the time it has better rewards.


Steve said that for 37 years he was searching for the position that fills him up and motivates him. He finally found the position and the company gave him the passion he was looking for. In 2000 Vigon created the slogan “Yipppeee! A flavor and fragrance company with a different approach” and since then Vigon became known as the Yipppeee! team. Steve wanted a company with a different feel and a different look. He built a company knowing that the people coming in everyday are the company’s greatest asset. As an employee knew what it is like when the company treats you well and when you do not. So he strives to show his employees that he cares to make them excited and energized to come to work everyday. As a result Vigon, has been selected as one of the best places to work in Pennsylvania six times.


He highlighted that you have to be able to differentiate yourself and find your own Yipppeee!


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