Designing sets with John Shaffner

We had the amazing opportunity to meet with John Shaffner on the Warner Brothers Lot. We first showed up and walked through the studio and met Mr. Shaffner on a plot of grass where a Central Park scene of Friends was filmed. John Shaffner is a set designer for TV shows that range from Friends to The Big Bang Theory and shows like Ellen and Conan. John then walked us through the studio lot and showed us the set for Conan. He told us all the little tricks and gimmicks that went into the design. He also told us about how the moon was put behind Conan as a remark to his past network. We then went to the set of The Big Bang Theory. John told us all about the set design and then allowed us to sit on Sheldon’s infamous couch. We also took a tour of his office and saw all of the miniatures sets that he and his team designed. It was a great day filled with questions and excitement about the shows that he worked on.