Villanova on Set – A Talk With Amy Redford

Amy Redford was born into the entertainment industry following in the footsteps of her father. While she started in the industry as an actress, she quickly developed a passion for creating content and sharing her voice.  Since realizing her passion, she has created many award winning films.

She spoke to the group about a popular topic in the entertainment industry, women.  Her hope was to encourage women to take a leap of faith if film is something they are passionate about.  She said that a large portion of the problem is that women don’t go through the entire mechanism of the industry.  As a result, they then have no chance of making it to the top.  This leaves the industry scrambling to fill diversity requirements.

Amy Redford spoke about what she believes it takes to make it in the entertainment industry.  In order to create content you need determination and a vision.  While many are determined to create a great film, they don’t have a vision.  With a vision you are capable of creating powerful content.  You no longer need an invitation to create.  There are a multitude of platforms that allow you to produce your own content without being in the industry.  With an iPhone, determination, and a vision, we all have the capability of creating a masterpiece.