Tea on a Global Mission

On January 21, 2017, the founder of Afya Tea, Vanessa Kungne, and her teammates Deyjah Foster and Ibunkunoluwa Sanni competed with other entrepreneurs at the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship’s(USASBE) Annual Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The competition was filled with eager collegiate thinkers from across the region enthusiastic to sell their business start-up ideas, progress, and goals. From multi-purpose business ties to foldable bike helmets, many discoveries were highlight. Although the University of Delaware’s Vibrating Therapeutic Apparel business pitch won the competition, Afya Tea certainly drew the crowd’s attention with its healthy deliciousness. The Villanova University Afya Tea team displayed its slogan Herbally Healthy while preparing samples of honey-tinged 100% moringa tea leaves for its visitors.

The tea company, founded in 2013 Cameroon, sells tea that combats diabetes and promotes healthy living internationally. The name “Afya” originates from the Swahili word “healthy”. The African colors displayed on the packaging furthermore demonstrate the company’s desire to show the beauty of Africa and its social responsibility to tea farmers. Currently, the tea leaves are harvested and manufactured in Cameroon by farmers who receive sustainable farming training to combat deforestation. These farmers are also supported in maintaining financially stable homes and employment.

With its economic, socially responsible, and environmentally sustainable plan to distribute Afya Tea worldwide, the company strives to fight pressing issues starting with diabetes. Diabetes in 2012 alone has not only averaged a cost over $246 million in the U.S. but is also the seventh leading cause of death (American Diabetes Association, 2013). With the purchase of a tea bag machine to place grounded tea leaves in convenient pouches, Vanessa Kungne plans to increase tea carton production rates. Her simple business is already impacting diabetes sufferers around the across nations and will continue to do so with continued support and donates through her website afyatea.com.

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