Spurring Creativity with Draw Will D. Cat Day

Yesterday marked the third annual Draw Will D. Cat Day, sponsored by the ICE Institute and VU Athletics. Originally intended to spur creativity in Villanova students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members, the event has offered an outlet for people across the country to showcase their school spirit by re-imagining our beloved mascot. While the wildcat is one of the most common mascots in college athletics, the day provides an opportunity for Villanovans to display the unique flare that Will D. Cat brings to our university. Not limited to drawings, Will D. Cat has been painted, digitally recreated, constructed out of building blocks, frosted on a cake, and assembled as a snowman. We’re still waiting for an ice sculpture of Will.


On the day of the event, Draw Will D. Cat tables allow passerby to take their shot at drawing our mascot in the Connelly Center during the day and at the Villanova Men’s Basketball game at night. Pictures of our mascot are also plastered across social media as participants show off their talents with #DrawWillDCat. Eager to highlight some of the submissions, the ICE Institute randomly selects 4 submissions to receive $25 gift cards. Rekindling interest in the often overlooked value of art, Draw Will D. Cat Day aims to ignite creativity in Villanovans for years to come.