Second Annual VU Women in Tech Conference

VU Women in Tech hosted their Second Annual event this year. VU Women in Tech is a program that highlights current and former Villanova women leading and innovating in the tech space. The program enables women to share their experiences, highlights opportunities, and inspires more women to join the tech space.

It was amazing to see students, professionals, and even young girls learning more about how technology can positively impact their life. This year’s event saw an increase both in speakers and attendees. VU Women in Tech partnered with and featured Marisa C. Weiss, MD as the keynote speaker. She is the chief medical officer and founder of, a resource that is revolutionizing the way that breast cancer patients receive education and support throughout their entire life. This collaboration brought awareness to the social impact that technology is making.

I was able to see Director of Operations at, Patty Myer Evans, further elaborate on the way that recognizes the needs of breast cancer patients and the gaps they experience in treatment, and how they are able to use their technology to fill in those gaps. Evans spoke about’s emphasis on creativity and efficiency in order to use their limited resources to help the most people as possible.

Next, I attended Denise Devinve, CEO of FNB Holdings and Founder of RTM Vital Signs, talk. She shared her knowledge about how to protect intellectual property, the active Philadelphia Startup community, and the influence of technology in the health, wellness, and medical sector. Denise encouraged women to take control of their ideas and protect them so that they can grow them into a successful business. She also advocated for women to get involved in the local startup scene in Philadelphia, allowing them to learn more about starting a business and shaping the future.

Finally, the last session I attended was with Yasmine Mustafa, CEO of ROAR for Good. Yasmine shared her personal journey of immigrating to America and becoming a citizen. Her product ROAR for Good’s Athena is a small wearable device that allows for women or any user to discretely signal for help. She has been globally recognized by BBC as one of the 100 Women of 2016.

The event was an amazing experience and great way to learn more about Technology. All of the women were unbelievably kind and supportive. It taught me a lot about technology and even more about the great things women are capable of. Head of VU Women in Tech Committee Sue Metzger said, “The event is proof that women in technology love what they do and love gathering with other women to affirm their career choices.” I am looking forward to next year’s event and to continue my education in technology!